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All of our employees are back ground checked, fully bonded and insured and have experience with caring for animals. We only select the best to work with us.

Cara - Owner/Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Once Upon a Dog Tail's dog, cat and other small animals pet sitting services provide superior care for your pets. I am a life long animal caretaker. I initially learned my love of animals in elementary school when a friend's family trusted me to pet sit their dog. The rest is history. I begged my parents for a dog and finally convinced them that it would be a good decision. I now live with my humans (husband and two children) and two dogs and two cats.

My professionalism stems from my career as a speech/language pathologist. After having children, the decision to stay at home was my priority. While at home caring for my children, I began brainstorming ideas to turn my passion for animals into a second career.

Once Upon a Dog Tail was established August 2014 and now employs many wonderful pet sitters. We will continue to grow in order to to take care as many pets around Lancaster as we can. We LOVE LOVE LOVE animals!!

Kristin - Office Manager, Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

My mom tells me that I get my love for animals from my grandfather, but that inherent love was nurtured by the many family dogs I grew up with. As an adult, my canine family grew from one adopted chihuahua to a motley crew of four. About five years ago, I stumbled upon a dogsport called flyball, fell in love, and started training my springer/border collie mix to race. When I saw how much confidence the sport gave her, and how much she loved the game, I knew I didn't want to stop with her. So I started collecting more dogs! Today I have three border collie mixes, and a tiny, but mighty, chihuahua. To pay for my dog habit I work at the American Music Theatre box office. I'm so excited to be part of Once Upon a Dog Tail and thankful for the opportunity to care for your beloved pets.

Deb F. -Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Hi, my name is Deb. I've always loved animals and they seem to love me as well! I am very excited to meet your pets and give them attention and love! Except for college and a few post-college years, I've had a pet dog. My current dog is my first rescue adoption! With patience and love he has turned into a sweet boy who loves kids and other dogs. I have worked part time in the SDOL for five years as a K-5 aide. I am compelled to use my gifts and time to help others in my community through my workplaces, volunteering for local non-profits, and assisting neighbors with needs 

(which is sometimes pet sitting cats or dogs!) I enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening and biking, camping and any kind of boating with my family. My husband and I are Lancaster natives and have 3 boys, ages 13-19. I look forward to communicating with you and caring for your pets!

Naomi- Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

I've had furry family members since I can remember and I've counted our pets as some of my closest friends over the years. My furry family grew in a big way when I moved to the U.S in 2014. As a fiber artist, I was interested in learning from a local alpaca farm about their fiber, I volunteered 

there and ended up falling head over heels for a herd of 27 beautiful alpacas, so I never left! I still help out with animal care and training and use the alpaca fiber to make soft, warm wearables and soft sculptures inspired by the natural world (ffelt.com). Being at the farm has given me a real passion for working with animals. Building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect is a real privilege and I love getting to know all the totally unique personalities of each animal! My husband and I live with a menagerie of pets including our pug; Mr Stinky, silkie/Yorkshire terrier mix; Olly, our cats; Pete and Nelly and our banty rooster Freddy, who's the boss of everyone! I've learned a lot about animals but as a long time pet owner I know that furry friendships are built on lots of love, the best possible care and belly scratches!

Tina-Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

My whole life I have had animals, from cats and dogs to ferrets, rabbits, hampsters, mice, fish and guinea pigs. I love being around all types of pets and treating them as if they were my own fur-babies. I am also an active volunteer at 3 local animal rescues. I can't wait to meet your fur-babies and take great care of them.

Margaret-Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Ever since I can remember, I was the animal crazy child in my house who was constantly asking for pets. From guinea pigs to hamsters to birds, I always had several little critters to care for. I also began riding horses at a young age. Eventually my family acquired a dog, much to my delight, and now we have our second, a Labradoodle named Edie. We also adopted a cat name Mavis. I still live at home and have the joy of being around the family pets every day, but the Lovebird, Dayuma is my own special baby. She is twelve and 

still going strong and she loves to cuddle in the morning and eat scrambled eggs. When not spending time with animals I work with the elderly and in theater. I love to be active and to care for animals, so pet-sitting has been a natural fit for me and I have been doing it for many years. I am excited to get to know your unique and special cats and dogs and to lavish them with love! Thank you for trusting me to care for them.

Deb M- Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Oh my goodness. I have dearly loved animals since I was a little girl. I truly believe they should be treated like a member of the family. It will be my pleasure to give our furry clients some love while their parents are away.

Samantha-Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

I am so very excited to be working for Once Upon A Dog Tail! Currently the mama of one fur child, Lola (a lion head bunny), I found myself constantly asking if I could adopt every dog or cat that I saw! While that isn't possible at the moment, I figured the best way for me to deal with this would be to pour my enthusiasm, love, and compassion for animals into your fur babies! I currently work full-time as a Program Specialist for Individuals with Disabilities in group homes throughout Lancaster. In the same way that I try to brighten their day with each encounter that I have, I will try to do the same for your pet! I can't wait to meet your fur babies and provide them with the best care possible.

Jessica-Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a special bond with animals. I played on a close friends farm as a child day in and day out, Playing with cows, chickens, dogs, and tons of stray kitties. And I loved every second of it! I grew up always having multiple cats in our home. I even had to bottle feed three kittens when their mother was killed at only 2 weeks old. It was a sad loss but a very neat experience feeding and raising such tiny kittens. I currently own 3 cats and 3 dogs. I have an English bulldog, an Australian Cattle Dog, and a Yorkie mix. 

They are quite the crew with a very wide range of personalities! They are my babies, and I am so excited to have the pleasure of looking after yours as well!!!

Gwynn-Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been an animal lover. I grew up around dogs and cats of all personalities! I currently live with a lab/dachshund mix named Harley and a large orange tabby cat. They play like brothers and living with them brings so much pleasure to my life. In the past, I’ve fostered kittens, worked for the Humane Society as kennel staff, and have rescued sick or injured animals. Having the opportunity to nurture, care for, and give love to other people's pets is incredibly rewarding.

Kelly-Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

I have rarely been without an animal in my life. I spent much of my youth running in our backyard with the family dog, or caring for the siamese bunnies we raised, and the parakeet I kept in my room. When I traveled during my early career years in Occupational Therapy, I left Massachusetts with my labrador mix Clementine, making my way across the states to New Mexico with Clem as my co-pilot. On the trip back east after 3 months, we had to make room in the car for Sassy, a terrier mix who wandered into our lives and adopted us from the streets of N.M.!

I have settled here in Lancaster, PA with my own family including 2 boys, and we acquired 2 cats after the move. During a trip to the pet food store for cat food, I locked eyes with Rosie, a beautiful black Shepard mix who was out for adoption. Needless to say, she has been a part of our lives for 9 years now. Our newest canine family member, Pippin, is a Dachshund mix who “called” to me from the Humane League 3 years ago...

I so enjoy my daily early morning walk in the woods with my dogs; there is nothing like watching the sun rise with my 2 best friends. There has ALWAYS been a special place in my heart for four -legged family members (and best friends)...

Alexa- Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Hello, my name is Alexa. Ever since I was a child, I remember having a strong love and passion for animals. I was 5 years old when my family got our first dog and I was able to love and care for her for 16 years. I rode horses at a young age and helped around the barn for various summers, caring for the horses and clean up, showing me care 

and discipline at a young age. Throughout my college years, I would pet sit my friend/co-worker’s dog on a daily basis, they have even made me their dog’s “god-mother”! I graduated with my bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in management and one day hope to be able to incorporate both degrees with my passion for animals!! I believe that there is a special bond with animals that should be cherished and experienced by all. I am so excited for the opportunity to be part of Once Upon A Dog Tail and I am very excited to meet your pets and give them love and affection!